Measure where you stand

1.1 Introduction

This online assessment tool is an integral part of the second output of the Project – Quality Assurance Framework for VET for learners with ADHD – and is finalized at the measurement of the Quality Assurance level within and between VET providers on the basis of the defined Quality Indicators. The Quality Indicators represent the reference yardsticks of the tool for the evaluation of the user and have been developed on the EQAVET indicators. Subsequently, each Quality Indicator corresponds to one or more EQAVET indicator/s.

Three Quality levels have been identified and elaborated on the Quality Indicators and will give a qualitative indication on the Quality Assurance system implemented by the VET provider.

The three levels are the following:


Level 1 – Minimum requirements. The Quality Assurance system just respects and implements the Quality Indicators adopting the minimum requirements.

Level 2 – Expected or good requirements. The Quality Assurance system respects and implements the Quality Indicators adopting the expected or good requirements.

Level 3 – Excellent. The Quality Assurance system respects and implements the Quality Indicators adopting the requirements in an excellent way.


1.2 Target group


The questionnaire is a self-assessment tool which addresses mainly VET providers (both iVET and cVET) offering training curricula specialized for ADHD learners. Furthermore, it also addresses third parts since it can also be used by any other stakeholders having responsibilities in the field of ADHD.  


1.3 Structure

The assessment tool has been developed in the form of a questionnaire presenting a set of questions and is structured in three sections – the Teaching Methods, the Training Delivery and the Organization of the VET provider – which allow a quick scan only on the specific Quality Indicators for ADHD.

For each section, you will start with questions related to the lower level, Level 1, and depending on your answers, you can be redirected to further questions corresponding to the upper levels.  
At the end of the quiz, you will be assigned one of the three levels and will visualize, through a radar chart, your effective respect and correspondence to the Quality Indicators.


1.4 Final results


At the end of the questionnaire, one radar chart will be produced according to your answers that will show the Quality level (0 to 3) has been achieved against the three investigated dimensions (Teaching methods, Training delivery and Organization).

Moreover, if you would like to have a deeper understanding of your performance in relation to Teaching methods, Training delivery and Organization and the sub-sections that are composed of, three radar charts (one per each dimension) will be also available to let you understand the respective Quality level reached per each sub-section.
The final results will give an image of the current situation of your Quality Assurance system implemented at the educational level with regards to ADHD learners and against the Quality Indicators.

If you find difficulties with the English version of the Quick Scan, you can find printable versions of the questionnaire and the results in 6 languages here.